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Often when dealing with iOS or android projects we tend to do some redundant work that would just be better to be automated, saving time and effort whenever possible.

One of these tasks is keeping track of the version of the app well controlled from one place, that number might as well be mirrored to the code release tag on your git repository to keep track of changes and fixes happening on each release, It would also help if you can determine whether user needs to update based on the app version, and what is a better way to do…

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One important aspect of Automated Testing is to be confident that newly introduced features and fixes don’t break previous ones, Appium End to End Testing is one way to do that for React native Apps, combine that with your CI/CD pipeline and you got yourself a more robust app with fewer cards coming back from QA😬

In case you are new to Appium and want to set it up into your project check out this article

One way to integrate Appium with Bitrise is to use browser stack as device provider which is a recommended way as you will be…

by Abdo Arwish on December 13th

Animations is considered a great way to keep the user attached & interested with what your app has to offer, they need to be subtle and intuitive and one important part any app is the navigation, so in order to get the user easily navigated in an effective yet subtly animated experience using the drawer navigator, We are going to walkthrough the steps of how to do so.

so without further ado lets buckle up and start by downloading the starter project from here[1]
It contains three basic screens within an ordinary drawer menu

To break down our steps

1- Add button to explicitly open…

by Abdo Arwish on November 22

Testing is a considered an important aspect of software development cycle, its what we all do (or should be doing 🙂) but not often talk about, at the early stages of learning software development, I didn’t find a reason why I might write tests for my code, I have tested the functionalities manually and it worked, so why write more code, but once the scale of the projects increased and with changing and more demanding features the need for testing became obvious, we want to make sure that everything works well in the way we expect as the project scales.

Abdo Arwish

I am Abdo, I have been working with react native since its early years, I like sharing knowledge and having fun while doing so :)

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